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Open 8 am - 5 pm | Mon - Sat

+971 54 380 0832


Sample Kitchen Listing


Hi, I'm James, Your host for the time in this kitchen


132 Villa, Dubai Marina, Dubai UAE


We have a fully equipped kitchen of 950 sq. ft situated outside the villa having a separate gate and access to the same. The renters can book and use the kitchen throughout weekdays from Mon-Saturday between the hours are 6 am-10 pm, or half-day or full-day slots. We have a front take-out area as well, a commercial kitchen in the back, and an adjacent side for storage and the restroom. The kitchen can be used for small business needs such as as well. Food prep for a food truck, catering, food prep for take out or delivery. It can even be used to prepare meals for large families. We have hourly rates, daily and monthly rates. We are willing to negotiate any terms and usage. To bring your own equipment please get in touch with us first.
In addition, the kitchen must be cleaned after every shift to avoid cleaning fees. We want you to have a great, safe and happy cooking time with us!

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● $25 hourly● $150 daily● $1700 monthly


● Parking                                                     ● Wifi                                                     ● Food Truck Delivery

Additional Services:

● Freezer Storage                    ● Warehouse Storage● Dry Storage


● Range● Convection Oven● Fryer● Prep Tables

Lease Types Provided:

● One-time use● Pay as you go● month on month


$ 50.00

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